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Basin City: The Biggest Little City in the World

Turn around a corner in Sin City and you can find just about anything.

City of Sin: A Sin City RPG
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Turn down the right back alley in Sin City and you can find just about anything...

Welcome to Sin City where the sun never shines and it's always raining. Where it's a toss up between being killed by a hired thug or by a cop you forgot to bribe. The city for the lost - the dregs of society.

This is a roleplay game for the movie/comic book "Sin City" by Frank Miller, based on Los Angeles, California. Original characters are especially welcomed and encouraged.


This journal is rated R. We are rated Yaoi/Yuri/slash friendly and filled with sex, drugs, violence, and rock and roll so to speak. If you haven't seen the movie or have a problem with excessive swearing, violence, and corruption then this RPG is not for you.


ThE GiRlS of OlD ToWn aNd KaDiE's ClUb PeCoS
Gail -- oldtown_gail
Becky -- becky_sin_city
Miho -- deadly_lil_miho
Wendy -- _wickedwendy [mod]
Dallas -- _dallas_
Shellie -- shellie_dawson
The Customer
Nancy Callahan -- skinnylilnancy [mod]
Molly Prince
Kadie -- infamouskadie
Ava Long -- ava_long
Josie -- just_josie

Hartigan -- lasthonestcop
Dwight -- redshoe_photo [mod]
Jackie Boy -- jackieboy_dead [mod]
Cardinal Rourke -- cardinal_rourk
Senator Rourke -- _sen_rourke
Kevin -- atormented_soul
Rourk Jr./The Yellow Bastard -- juniorontherun
Wallace -- shaggywallace
Manute -- manute_sin_city
The Man
Commissioner Liebowitz -- liebowitz_cop
Corporal Rivera
Stuka -- stuka_
Burt Shlubb and Douglas Klump -- fatmanlittleboy

Any other characters not mentioned in this list but featured in the comics or movie are of course welcomed, and any original characters from cops to hookers are more then welcome. Sin City is full of dregs - fill out the information and join up. Currently looking for a mafia group as well.

ThE UnKnOwn FaCeS / OrIgInAlS
Nicole Fletcher -- nickyfletcher
Jess Walker -- jess_walker
Det. Fredia Albrecht -- det_albrecht
Det. Tyler Constanza and Algernon-- k9cronnies
Doll -- clincher_doll
Madeleine Goss -- maddiegoss_sc
Kari Bennet -- kari_under_fire
Vinnie -- vinniethekiller
Harper Jackson -- harper__jackson
Gregor -- paranoid_junkie
Maddox Majors -- maddox_majors
"Tiger" -- lady_tigers_sin

Peter Montonio -- bigfish_inbasin ((Mob boss out for revenge))
The Basin City Gazette -- sincity_gazette ((The local news source))


Can't decide who to be? Need a character created? These characters come with their own personal journals/icons/and background histories! All available for adoption at a moment's notice!


-Useful Links-
FAQs are a MUST READ before applying!!!
Community Rules - Read First!
RPG archive - Closed and for members only.
A Quick Way to Add Everyone
OOC Journal
Sin City Gazette journal
"You just killed my character! Why?"; AKA: Death FAQ
Mary-Sue FAQ
Comic Book Storyline

PROMOTE. It's a CITY. This means PEOPLE. All sorts of people. Cops, drug dealers, movie theater employees, cookie Moms, soccer Moms (I'd love to see a soccer mom drug dealer!). Bring in as many people as you can who are fans. It'll make it more fun for all of us.

HAVE FUN. Don't take this seriously. We're not REALLY drug dealers and addicts and the like. We're just obsessive fans that way.