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Member's Only! [20 Apr 2005|05:04pm]

[ mood | complacent ]

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[20 Apr 2005|12:25am]

[ mood | cold ]

Who: Senator Rourke
Open to: Any Cops who might wander by-anyone looking for the good Senator-his no good kid
Note: The Conversation between Liebowitz and Rourke takes place after this.
Timeframe: Just after the murder of Detective Haggerty.

"I can't help myself."
George Walker Rourke listened to the voice on the other end of the phone and made notes.
"I really can't. I took another one tonight."
That made Rourke sit up in bed and stare at the ceiling, voice quick, "Anyone important?"
"A cop."
George resisted the urge to scream.
This is the last thing that I need
"Did anyone find the body?" Here's hoping it was a cop who found it. The paper shield of protection could easily be torn-
"I don't know. There was another-a hooker-this one-she was so beautiful..."
"I don't want to hear it." Rourke snapped, "I mean it Tom. I'm going to have to turn to help on this."
"I'm so sorry. I'm bad. I can't do this anymore-"
"You're going to do it Tom." Rourke said, his voice cold, "You're going to do it or I'm going to kill you myself do you hear me?"
Suddenly angry rourke twisted the reciever around, "You hear me you idiot! You Keep your mouth shut otherwise you and I will be having words."
At that Rourke hung up the phone and dropped back into his bed and debating just getting up for the hell of it. Just two Days after the shooting up at his family farm there was This unholy mess.
Not a problem Rourke muttered, There are people that I can call. Things that I can do.
He drifted off to sleep thinking of this.
The Next morning he dressed early and went down to his party office on the fifteen floor of the building he owned.
"There's going to be people coming." He told Marla, straightening his suitjacket, "Order lunch in and let me handle them."
Marla raised a faux eyebrow and nodded, typing away at her typewriter before turning to the list of memos. It was an Election year and Senator Rourke had to gladhand and kiss the babies-appease his constigency.
Too bad it ws filled with theives, rapists, and murderers.
Perhaps I should think of installing Montonio's wife as the new Mayor... his greatest fear was that the men of basin city would not take Amber Cox seriously. Especially now that Liebowitz and he had made Hartigan Chief of police...
That had been an interesting thought. Unwittingly the noble lion would play into his hands. Rourke smiled at the thought. Hartigan. Straight laced Hartigan-how far would it really be before he fell?
Not long.
"Someone to see you sir." Marla buzzed.
My work is never done George Walker Rourke thought as he placed his hand on the reciever button, "Show them in please..."

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Requiem for Childhood. [18 Apr 2005|10:17pm]

[ mood | creative ]

This is the NEW SCENE START for the RPG. If you've been paying attention we're going to do a combination of "Electric blue eyes" and "The thin blue line" just so everybody has something to do. :3 HARTIGAN you are now captain. Rourke will be making that post shortly :3

Who:...unknown for now.
Where: Outside Doll's Apartment-three blocks down in front of the Quik-E-Mart
Open to: Anyone passing by/The salesman/Doll and the crew at her house/any cops/Mob.

'You got the money?"
The man at the other end of the room says nothing. He instead lights a cigarette and studieds the figure intently.
"I'm asking you man." The undercover cop muttered, "Weather or not you're going to give me what I've ordered or-"
Without another word the man at the end of the table takes out a gun.
Thunder in the Desert.
Outside in Sin City the rain begins to fall to the tune of some neo-classic rock song by a band that only the teenagers snug in their beds would have heard as the stranger to Sin City Grabs Sargent Patrick Haggerty by the collar and drags him down the stairs.
Nobody listens.
People make it a habit not to listen in Sin City. He's only two blocks from Old Town afterall. All Sorts Of Illegal activities go on in this part of town.
He drags the body down the stairs and ignores the trail of blood that the headwound leaves behind. HE won't be there tomorrow anyway.
Outside he passes people who ignore the blood on the cop's forehead and pretend that the mysterious man in the overcoat is carrying a drunken friend to his car parked in front of the old red-brick apartment. One, a well dressed figure in a suit-watches him briefly before looking for different prey...
He is in a city unto itself.
A City of beasts.
Standing like a waiting steed is the cadillac. The man grimly opens the door and begins to stuff the cop's dead corpse inside-
"Oh My god..."
He turns. A hooker. A kid really-a little kitten out on the prowl.
Her scream echoes up through the building just before the man in the suit tosses the body of the dead cop out of his car into the street.
she will make such a fetching puppet anyway.

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[18 Apr 2005|07:31pm]

Who: Wallace
Where: Basin City alleys
Timeframe: Dusk to night
Open to: Anyone around the area who's up for a conflict/fight/talk/froliking (whatever)

Wallace had a surprisingly pleasent time at Kadie's. Well, if pleasent was the right word to use for that kind of place. However, upon going there, he made a rather nice aquaintence. Nancy was her name. She seemed pretty popular in the area. Popularity was not soomething Wallace related with regularly. Nonetheless, they planned to meet again. She actually wanted to see his artwork. Something that he didn't share unless requested for buisness' sake. Rarely did anyone ask to see it on their own free will. So many people nowaday didn't seem to appreciate it as much as they used to. Paintings, sketches, cells. Traditional art.

He twirled the keys around on his index finger, making his way to the car. Going through the back alley was a more risky route to travel, but it made a quick passage to the street. Besides, the only way to get to Kadie's was through the alleyway.

Another warm night... Aside from the soft whir of police sirens in the distance, everything is calm. Well, calm for a city like this.

The city lights didn't illuminate this area. Moreso, dimmed street lights beamed down on small patches of the street. They were dry. Not even afterrain. Completely dry. The air however, was more moist. A brisk cool breeze swept over him and he took in a deep breath of it.

I could go on like this forever...

His thoughts were aburptly haulted by gunshots in the distance. Not a surprise. Something that was regularly heard in the city. Screams. Cars whizzing by.

Too bad it only lasted for a second. Ah well.

Wallace shrugged it off and continued his way down the alley. He passed by a few bums, tossing them some extra money he had in his pocket, then continued on. Better to help them, then to neglect them. Though sometimes helping led to begging and begging led to mugging and so on and so forth. But Wallace wasn't as scrawny and defenseless as he somewhat looked. In fact, he was the exact opposite.
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[16 Apr 2005|06:52pm]

Who: Doll, Marv, Dwight
Where: Doll's apartment in Old Town
Open to: Gale, Miho, Wendy; no one else.

Old Town was quiet, or at least as quiet as it could be inside the large night swallowed red brick building in the shadow of the main stroll that Doll called home for the last decade.

A small curvy brunette’s supple figure nestled beneath the red down comforter. Lulled to sleep hours ago, by soft breath breathed in the potent fragrance of fresh cut flowers sitting in a vase on the kitchen table, the harmonious purr of miniature black kitten curled beneath her outstretched hand, and the ticking of the windup alarm clock whiling away the hours until dawn. Her curly black tresses released were sprawled across the pillows, expression serenely placid a hint of a smile on her pretty lips while lost dreaming.

Without reservation those dark brown eyes opened to the darkness awaken by the sound of the elevator kicked to a stop like a mule with a toothache on the fourth floor. The forth floor belonged to her. Withdrawing her warm hand from the feline, automatically took up the Ruger P90DC Auto Pistol on the counter, abandoning the bed. The mewing complaint of the kitten and the ticking of the alarm clock was the only sound as Old Town girl cautious bridged the large gap to the front door. The kitten padded quietly after expecting a warm saucer of milk. Her hand reached deftly undid the three locks; the babe answered the door gun in hand wearing little more than a black bra and underwear.
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[12 Apr 2005|02:09pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Who?: Peter Montonio
Where?:The streets of Old Town/The Church.
Open to: Wendy/Anyone else who doesn't feel very active.
Closed to: Everyone Else.

There was a whore who worked the Clergy and that was where Peter Montonio was headed-
The Church

It was a massive gothic structure and the inner artist in him appreciated the spirals and decor, the loathsome gargoyles that leered down form each edge, the elegant carvings of the Holy mother and her son.
Hail Mary Full of Grace- He took the steps two at a time, whistling cheerfully The lord is with thee...

And then-

The Great Thick Oak doors openedCollapse )

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Midnight in Old Town... [11 Apr 2005|09:20pm]

[ mood | energetic ]

Who: Junior and Shellie
Where: Old Town
Time: Late night
Open to: Who: Shellie and whoever else...

Junior had just gotten the orders from his father. He didn't want to disappoint him this time, especially since his father had always gotten him out of the messy shit he constantly was stuck in. He casually strolled into Old Town, with little fear. There was that anxiety in the back of his mind....especially because of what happened last night...Ok...they gave me a description of what she looks like, but I don't se- Junior spots her. He moves in slowly. "Hey there, sweetheart...." He knew he could smooth-talk her and get her in his possession.

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If you call me sweetheart- [10 Apr 2005|05:57pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

Who: Vito/Carl/Alex. (NPCs of Boss Montonio)
Where?: Docks of Sin City
Open To: Wendy, Gail, The Old Town Girls, Yellow Bastard.

There were a few places to hide bodies in New York.
Especially for a Meat Mogul like Peter Montonio. Vito snorted back laughter thinking about free-hot-dog day at Yankee stadium before turning to where Alex was digging through the trash.
"Find anything?"
"These guys are so unoriginal." Alex's tanned blond hair shot out of the trash like a diver in a sea of stink, "I've found four bodies-or at least pieces of them. You'd think they'd at least dump them in the river..."
Four Bodies? That had to be a record.
Ever since coming to Sin City Vito had been surrounded by beautiful women-men with guns-and more death, violence and mayhem then he could shake a stick at. Despite how much his boss really-really hated the place even he agreed that the city had its charms...
They stood ont he patio of Amber Montonio Cox's massive estate out in Sacred Oaks-staring at the black smokestacks and towering skyscrapers digging like claws against the gray wasteland.
It was hard to believe that people lived here.

"Look at it." Peter-Only vito ever called him Peter. They'd been cops back on the force oh so long ago, "Just look at it."
"You're a real Romantic." vito lit a cigarette, "Its a city."
"A city that's growing, Festering on this country-spreading its disease to the likes of San Diego, New York, Los Angeles-"
Vito frowned, "Gimme a Break Pete-its just a town."
Peter was wearing black. They'd just come from Stars funeral.
There hadn't been enough left to identify the body so the family had gathered-flown down from New York.
A mob funeral is a sight to see. The women stand in black to the side of the grave weeping buckets and bemoaning the deceased, especially someone so young.
Boss Montonio didn't cry.
Montonio stood with the men listening to their stone-cold death threats and saying nothing.
Absolutely nothing
The Next day he'd had Vito go out to search for a hitman. Vito had offhandedly mentioned the name of a girl that he'd fucked and Montonio jumped on it like a cat on a mouse.
The perfect patsy.
And who else better to blame for the death of a police chief then a hooker? especially when a hooker had recently been the frame up of a crime?
"The Cops are still looking for that Disk." Vito said, "They'll put all their energy into finding it. Meanwhile You follow up on the tip that Roark gave you."
Senator Roark.

Vito still got shivers thinking about Roark. The Man was the Devil himself.
The Mayor's aids had been investigating police corruption and Roark found out. As a favor to his friend, Former Chief Parker (who then mysteriously jumped to his death off the bridge) and To Wallenquest and his strong ties within the department Roark had sent in a whore assassin after them.
Everyone in Sin City had kinky habits after all.
But she'd fucked up, or decided to steal it and blackmail the cops-nobody knew which. They'd assembled a task force to seek her out headed by the infamous Jack Rafferty-two steps away from becoming the man Vito worked for-
Fuck that. Peter at least had more sense
In any case, Roark said that Martin had gone off the deep end. Trying to "serve and protect" too much. She had become obsessed the Senator said, with Destroying all crime
And Boss Montonio had come into town to support his wife's soon-to-be election to Mayor.
As a businessman.
It was only after Martin had gone totally crazy Roark said. She'd given A girl in Old town, some dominatrix wannabe named "Gail" A photo of star.
The ladies are their own enforcers
He'd certainly seen that.
"Find anything yet?"
"Christ!" Lennie popped his head up, "I'm LOOKING alright? Go fuck yourself."
He buried himself in trash again.
So Roark had manipulated Peter into sending a hit out on the Police Chief. Vito knew it and so did Peter but with the woman dead there was always a chance one of their own could be put into power.
They had no link to Star's real killer.
That was why they were here.

34 Killed a Bunch of People/Prove Your Worth a Damn

[07 Apr 2005|11:16pm]
continued on AIM from my most recent post.

Marcus: "You'll be meeting me, we need to talk about this dead cop shit anyways and I'd rather not stay on this phone for long. Cops can't always be trusted if you know what I mean..."

Marcus pauses and takes a cigarette out of his pocket.

"I'll be contacting you in 2 days, that is when we decide on the location. No Cops, No danger. Hopefully we'll get thing straightened out, I'll let you know what the price my information is later..."

He lights his smoke and takes a long drag.

"Do we have a deal?"

Jackie: Jackie's eyes narrowed, "I don't make deals unless I know the price." He had to meet with Wendy-and chances are she'd want information too. Goddamnit-why was everyone coming ot him?
badcopinoldtwn: At least they weren't press. Thank god for that.
badcopinoldtwn: "Alright." Jackie said slowly, "But this had better be damn good information."
He hung up the phone and looked to his colleague who shook her head, "He's on a payphone. By the time we get there-he'd be long gone." Jackie lit up a cigarette and thought for a moment before grabbing his coat and leavnig her behind.

Marcus: With that Marcus drops the reciever and walks off. He heads out, more buisness to attend to.

A shit storms coming, better prepare cuz this is gunna get dirty.

[07 Apr 2005|07:02pm]

Who- Skye Jackson
Where- Old Town
When- Early morning
Open To- Everybody who'd be in Old Town/Kadie's
** I figured that since nobody is playing "The Man" (Josh Hartnett) That I could sneak one or two lines in.. involving him.

My first night didn't really go as planned, mainly because I was scared shitless and spent most of the night cowering in the alleyway, hand nervously on my gun. I knew that if I had to, I could shoot a bullet right through someone's forehead and have it come out the other side. I knew I could do it, but I really didn't want to have to do that. So, being the big whimp I am I just tried to stay out of the glow of the streetlamp, and instead hide in the dark. I didn't get any business --probably because nobody could see me-- but I did keep my mind on the one guy who did talk to me, who wouldn't let me see his face and said he knew Gail. I wondered who he was and made a mental note to ask her about this guy. She instructed me to go back to her place afterwards, because I had no where to stay and would be staying with her until I could find an appartment of my own. However, I didn't really want to go back to her and have no amazing stories or adventures. This reminded me of high school, trying to be friends with the cool, funny, brave people. So I waited around a bit to see if anything would happen. Well, it started raining which didn't count much especially since despite the downpour I still stayed in the alley. But then I decided it would be better to be soaking we than a bit dry and smell like wet garbage so I glanced down at my hand again, re-reading the adress and began walking down the cold empty streets. I started thinking about all the girl murders that had been happening lately.. there was that girl I remembered seeing in the papers, that.. Star girl. I tried to put it out of my mind because it freaked me out a lot but everytime I heard a noise I jumped.

When I finally made it to the crumby appartment building I searched the little buzzer.. pad thing for her name.. when I found it there was a note taped over it reading "Sorry hun, had to go, business to take care of. -Gail" Oh great.. business.. fuck where the hell am I supposed to go now? And what fucking business? Wait.. it was probably that disk thing I've heard about, nobody bothered to tell me what exactly it is but it has something to do with a dead person and a tape. I sighed and peered out into the rain, thinking of what I could do. I could stay here, or I could try and find somewhere else to go. I walked for what seemed an eternity until I found a bar "Kadie's" I figured it was better than freezing my ass off so I went inside and the smell of smoke and booze consumed me. Awkwardly I made my way to the bar and sat down, shaking a bit. A girl in a bra holding a tray came over to me. She had big eyes and long wavy hair, her tag read "Shellie"
"Oh god, hun are you ok? You must be freezing!" she said with sympathy in her voice.
"Yeah, absolutley freezing."
"Can I get you anything?" she asked.
"Irish coffee." Oh Irish coffee, the smooth taste of coffee with the amazing taste of booze. She nodded, smiled and then walked off. I sat at the bar, looking around. There were burly men to my left, burly men to my right. The only girls who seemed to be in the place were the waitresses and a beautiful blonde girl on the stage swinging a lasso. Then I felt eyes on me and cautiously looked around the bar, the noise seemed to dim as I tried to find where the eyes were coming from. I finally settled on a booth, they were wearing a big hat, tilted down that covered their face. A cigarette stuck out from under it, smoke pouring out of it. He played with a box of matches on the table and althought I couldn't tell where his eyes were looking, I had a feeling they were looking at me. I snapped my head forward and pretended like I wasn't glancing at him out of the corner of my eye constantly, sure enough everytime I looked he was staring at me. My heart started beating faster, the last time this had happened.. well.. I had gotten raped. Eventually two big burly men laughed and got up, leaving two empty bar stools directly beside me. Fuck! No no no! Why beside me.. shiiit. As I suspected the man picked up his matches and his drink and began walking in my direction, he wore a long black leather jacket to cover his clothes. I snapped my head to the front again and saw him sit down beside me out of the corner of my eye.
"Hi." he said, his voice was low and raspy. I cleared my throat and ignored him. "Deaf?" he asked after a bit.
"Not interested." I corrected, tracing circles on the table nervously. The man grabbed my wrist and I looked up into his eyes that I could just make out from under the large brim of his hat, his eyes were dark. Despite the hat, he looked a bit dangerous.. and a bit handsome. As if he wasn't as mysterious enough. He smiled and his shadowed lips spread out into a smile. "In talking?" he asked and released my wrist. I stared at him, at a loss for words. Man this guy is weird.
"Buh.. yeah." I managed.
"What's your name?" I noticed he didn't call me 'sugar' or 'babe', this sounded much less sleezy.. like he really wanted to talk to me.
"Skye Johnson.." I said, still a bit hypnotized. He smiled again from under the shadows. "Whats yours?" I asked. He stared at me for a bit and a different waitress set my drink down on the table and walked away. The guy just grinned.


Officially my first thing, I don't know if its ass or not.
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Midnight Snack - Kevin finds Star.. [06 Apr 2005|01:21am]

Though Kevin had a supposed voice like an angel, He'd never speak it out loud. But that didn't stop the constant thoughts running through his mind. Opinions, Questions, random idea's were always being thought by Kevin. The voices in his head told him to kill, but unlike most freaks who hear the voices of dead people or dogs .. The voices that told Kevin to kill were his own. Kevin killed for reasons. He wanted to love the girls in ways they could never be. And tonight, he was going to do it again.......

Wish upon a StarCollapse )

At the Montonio Home. [05 Apr 2005|05:23pm]

Peter Montonio didn't believe in one way to solve a problem.
He in fact favored two or three.
Which was why he sat in his Ex's Home in her bungalow watching their two children splash happily across their pool. This time of year in New York would be freezing. His kids wouldn't be able to swim.
I Must admit... Dwight accepted a drink from the butler, There are some perks to Basin City...

Conway. He had more faith in this man Conway then in a Hundred others.

But the one before him had a bit of a reputation. He could not afford any weakness or any wrongdoing. He needed To have Star back any way possible.
Peter's eyes widened, "So. Mr. Murrel. Do you understand why I've called you here?

((OOC: Looked to everyone but Drake Murrel. I'm not gonna be on tonight but I wanna make sure all a'yalls gonna be involved. This is your part in "A fine and private place" J00 up for it?))
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[04 Apr 2005|09:24pm]
To update everyone as to what happened last night at kadie's (I forgot to save the conversation grrrrr!!!) Gail agreed to let Marcus help. The 2 took the mysterious girl(Star) to a building in Old Town to fix her up. While on the way Gail had no trust for the man she had just met, but felt safe because her girls watched over them as they walked. When they got there Gail finally asked why it was Marcus felt the need to help so much, and that she wanted straight answers or he'd be dead. Marcus explained that a long time ago there was a woman, a woman that he loved, and because he didn't help her she died and it was his fault. He swore to never let something like that happen again. Marcus was a fighter in an underground fighting tournament and he went undefeated, he met a girl though and fell in love, he wanted out so he could live his life freely. His bosses had other plans and they sent a man to kill both Marcus and his new bride Candice. Marcus still has that hit on him to this day, but because he didn't help, Candice was killed. After Marcus patched up Star, Gail and Marcus connected (I think they clicked really well after Gail knew more about him). As Marcus walked of into the night they said there good byes and he headed home. He says one last thing to her. "Hey, 2037 Charity street, Apartment 303, if you ever need help you know where I am". This is where I will continue the story.))

Kinda makes me glad thoughs cops were at my place, after kicking their sorry asses I got to meet Gail and what a knock out she was. That girl I helped tonight is safe, I just hope she recovers, I just hope she lives. I did that for you Candice, I love you, I miss you. I'm tired of running, let that bastard come and get me. I'll kill him real good for you baby, I'll kill him real good.

As Marcus walks up to the front door he feels something, it's almost as if he's being watched, like someones looking right over his shoulder. Somethings not right.

He looks around and down the street there is a car parked, 2 men are in it and they have binoculars. They watch Marcus closely as he walks in the door.

Cop 1:"That's him, he fits the description perfectly."
Cop 2:"Don't you think we might need back up? He took down 2 cops bare-handed already!"
Cop 1:"It has to be now, call for back up and then we head in."
Cop 2 calls for the back up as #1 steps out
Cop 1:"Lets go!"

Marcus wasn't sure if they were cops or not he definitly knew they were after him.

Shit! and what did i just say? I'm tired of running. God damn these assholes picked the wrong day.

He waited for them to walk up to the door. As they got closer he say they were cops and ideas started running through his mind.

FUCKING COPS AGAIN! they must get payed to have their asses kicked? New rule, no killing cops unless you absolutly have to. I'm gone.

Conway runs for the end of the hall and turns the corner just in time to hear the cops open the door. They see him and run after him.

Fortunatly they're dumb to boot.

Just as they turn the corner it's too late, the last things they see before getting knocked are 2 size 12's coming straight for their heads.

Staying here isn't safe, these cops might be dumb but I'm sure they called for back up.

He bursts through the window and runs for the alley trying to think of anyplace he can go.

This place isn't safe anymore, I gotta find me a new place. Gail? Maybe she can help, and maybe the girls of Old Town wont recognize me and I can have my head blown off. Shit! where can I go? Maybe I can find someplace vacant?

Marcus then walks off into the night...not sure where he's heading...not sure what kind of trouble he'll run into next...

[04 Apr 2005|05:50pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

This Post is locked to All at Kadies (Or who were at Kadies-save for the miscreants like Marcus/Drake/etc.) and the Cops. Any New chars feel free to jump in one way or another. This is crucial to moving "A fine and private place" along. So all hired Assassins and such this one's for you! Everyone else is more den welcome!

Peter Montonio had a photo of his daughter in his hands.
Star Montonio had an angelic face, a sweet disposition. She'd been staying with her mother and he'd flown out to see them.
Just because they were divorced it didn't mean that he hated his Ex-Wife.
And now he sat, in a luxurious booth downtown.
Vito sat at the bar. Vito had a taste for these west coast women. He and Paulie had been out at the Red-Light District here...called Old Town Peter was a catholic for Chrissake. He didn't need tail anyway when Margie was back in New York.
But enough.
Star was dead.
Dead or at least missing. And those "girls" as they called themselves in Old town had to be a part of it.
Little bitches Whores on the East Coast had "Respect" at least. Apparently even Montozzoli had no control.
Perhaps it was time to show these men and women how life Really Worked.
"Sir." A waiter appeared, a simpering man in white with a red bowtie, "Your...guests are here."
Peter nodded and motioned for vito to stay sharp and Carl across the way to keep his gun at the ready.
I think I'm going to like this town Montonio chuckled. The Matrondee hadn't even batted an eyelash when they'd brought their pieces in.
He smirked.
Vito had scoured the streets yesterday-despite the cops being preoccupied with a "Silent Killer" and a sudden bought of justice on the part of the police. You could smell the bacon on the streets-they reeked with it.
He needed the best.
To find his baby girl...
Peter crunched the photo into his hands and waited for his guests to arrive.

Locked to Everyone except Marcus/Drake/Chuck etc.

15 Killed a Bunch of People/Prove Your Worth a Damn

[04 Apr 2005|10:48am]

[ mood | tired ]

Becky ran down the street, clutching her stomach. The site of the woman at Kadie's....her mother used to look like that when her father got done with her. She ran for three blocks. Finally stopping in the Basin City "park". It was a block of grass, a couple trees, a bush or two, and some benches. It was known as a hang out for drug dealers, but it seemed to be empty. Becky didn't really have time to think about that. She dropped to her knees beside a park bench and emptied the contents of her stomach. The bile stung her throat and she began to cough. When she was sure it was over she layed on her stomach in the damp grass, breathing heavily. She listened for the sound of the crickets 'They come out at night, don't they?' She'd never heard them. Anything good or right wasn't welcome in Basin City and especially not in Old Town. She she was laying there, thinking, she realized that even the sound of the cars were gone. She struggled to her feet and turned around to go back to Kadie's. 'I really gotta talk to Gail.' When she saw who was behind her she gasped.

Help me out here guys, what's behind her?

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